Friday, July 25, 2014

Rugby star suffers gruesome hand injury during match (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Nobody ever accused rugby players of being soft, but after Chev Walker suffered a nasty gash to his hand during a match Sunday, The Bradford Bulls star might be labeled tender — tender as in a piece of steak.

That's because Walker's hand looked like a $50 slab of raw filet mignon after posting the gruesome image of the prime cut on his official Twitter account.

For the faint of heart — look away. (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Along with the frightening photo, Walker posted the message: "Well after doing this in the game on Sunday, I thought I was gonna be having an op but just been told doesn't need it."

Posted like a true rugby player.

Walker sustained the bloody injury while attempting a tap tackle in the Bulls' 52-26 Super League match against the Huddersfield Giants.

He was stitched up and, like he said, no operation was necessary.

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  1. oh, that is so nasty!! Yikes. Reminds me of when I was 12yrs old at the creek hunting for lizards and snakes in the neighborhood. I slipped while walking between two ginormous storm drains, there was twisted metal on the right side, so naturally as I slid by, it caught the top of my leg near the knee cap and riiiipppp!! Tore my leg wide open!! I could see the layers of muscle&fatty tissue as I inspected it, very traumitizing for a 12yr old!! I ended up getting like 147 stitches on the inside of my leg, and over 50+ on the outside...