Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tennis player uses chair to hug it out with taller opponent at Claro Open (VIDEO)

Instead of going straight to the net for the customary handshake, after a loss to Ivo Karlovic at the Claro Open Colombia in Bogota, 5'9" Dudi Sela instead took a tiny detour to grab a chair from the sidelines in order to give his much taller opponent a hug.

Sela had the sense of mind and even higher sense of humor to stand on the chair and hug it out with the 6'10" Karlovic after Thursday's one-hour and 40-minute match.

“After I won, I was going to the net to have a handshake and then I look at him and he’s going back to get a chair,” said Karlovic. “I didn’t know what he was going to do and then he arrives and he gives me a hug, which was unbelievable and hilarious. Obviously he needed a hug, so I hugged him back.

“He’s a really nice guy and I like him a lot. It was funny.”

Sela, who lost to the towering Croat for a second straight week and sixth time overall in their FedEx ATP Head2Head series, was pleased with his effort and called it an opportune time to give Karlovic the unexpected hug on court.

And he's a bigger man for it.

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