Thursday, July 24, 2014

Umpire's wacky strike three calls feature Gangnam Style and 2 Chainz references (VIDEO)

Baseball players in a New Jersey amateur baseball league get a little added improvisation act every time they strike out — and they don't seem to mind the extra oomph with the punch outs.

The umpire, not content with calling out batters in a traditional manner, punctuates his strike threes with references to 2 Chainz and "Gangnam Style" instead.

Jeff Bendix, a member of the Amateur Baseball Association and the man who shot the video (below) told that " Eddie the Ump calls games like that all the time and is generally a fun guy to be around."

While Eddie seems to be a big hit with the 20-team ABA, he still can't top the master — Leslie Nielsen.

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