Friday, July 25, 2014

Volleyball player shunned by own team for being too attractive (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

A teenage Kazakh volleyball player is facing backlash from her teammates because her sexy good looks are distracting fans from the game.

Sabina Altynbekova is playing for Kazakhstan in the Asian Under-19 Championships and her presence on the floor has captivated fans and the media alike.

In a sport already filled with good-looking, statuesque women, the nearly 6-foot stunner now stands heads above the others.

And reportedly not to her fellow V-ballers' liking.

Local media that would normally only write a couple of lines about the women's volleyball competition are devoting lengthy picture features about the 18-year-old, according to the Daily Mail. And YouTube has been bombarded with videos devoted to the long-limbed beauty.

But that sudden move from to center stage has left members of her own team slightly peeved, and now media in her homeland have slammed the obsession with her. 

"Fans just stare at her and they are not following the championship any more," reported Vesti, a respected Kazakh daily paper.

Even her coach, Nurlan Sadikov,  has complained about it.

"It is impossible to work like this, he said. "The crowd behaves like there is only one player at the championship."

The added attention even has the talented player making an appeal to fans to stop.

"I was flattered at first but it's all getting a little bit much," she said. "I want to concentrate on playing volleyball and to be famous for that, not anything else."

Her followers, mostly from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, have even had artists honor her with anime fantasies about the sexy Sabina.

Apparently you can't believe everything you heard about Kazakh women from Borat.


  1. Extremely pretty !,but why should she be punished for that ??..Perhaps the other`s are jealous ??..She is a great Volley Ball player & that`s what it`s all about ! You go girl & hang in there !!

    1. Stop all this HATING and concentrate on the game!! Who cares if she was blessed with great genes/DNA, stop the whining and play the game!!

    2. She is pretty, but nothing exceptional!

  2. I think it is very sad and disgusting that the coach hasn't coached the other girls that they are part of a team which isn't about's about volley ball, playing their best and hoping to win games. I don't think he had any business going public and reinforcing jealous teammates. And why is he worried about what the viewers are looking at....he shouldn't even be noticing, his eyes should be on his team. He is the coach....or perhaps he's forgotten that.

  3. Coach: Biting OFF more He / She Should, Game Only, Very Lil Lady Can't Handle The PRESSURE

  4. I dont think is is prettier then some of her other team mates! Just saying

  5. Too Pretty ?? Really....fair looking... at best...
    Heck if you want to see some "pretty" girls playing volleyball, go to Cocoa Beach Pier or to Coconut's in Cocoa Beach and watch the girls play down on the beach... Now then you'll see some "pretty" girls...and they play tournament class volleyball. The only way Sabina is getting all of the attention is because all of the other girls must look like "dogs" (which personally I didn't see any) so this is really just an attempt to attract some attention to the Team/Game...
    ..heck there's some "prettier" than her girls playing volleyball from the local school at Freedom Park here in Charlotte today, I just drove past there and I bet they are still playing, if you want to see them ? I'll grab my camera and ride down there and get some pictures and a short video...

    ...too "pretty to play"