Monday, July 7, 2014

F-16 narrowly misses spectators at air show (VIDEO)

British air show fans got a little more than they bargained for when an F-16 fighter jet narrowly missed their heads by mere feet as it came in to land at the Waddington International Air Show Sunday.

The dramatic video (below) shows spectators waving as the Turkish aircraft approaches the runway and soars by just out of reach of the spectators on the ground. 

After people ducked and lowered their iPhones, as the jet descended dangerously next their noggins, one man properly remarks: “That was a bit close, wasn’t it.”

The lucky fans were probably gatecrashers standing on a public road outside the RAF base outside the sold-out show. The fence separating them from the landing strip displays a sign warning people not to climb over it.

Still, they were probably the best seats in the house.

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