Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rays' Joel Peralta may have the mosquito borne virus chikungunya: Report

Tampa Bays relief pitcher Joel Peralta says he's been feeling sick since he went home to the Dominican Republic during the All-Star break and thinks he has been stricken with chikungunya — the mosquito-borne virus spreading over Florida and the Caribbean.

Peralta began feeling sick on Friday after visiting the Dominican Republic where chikungunya is extremely prevalent, reported CBS.

A Rays spokesperson says that Peralta does have flu like symptoms but that he is still undergoing testing to see if it really is the debilitating ailment.

While the virus isn't deadly it can be extremely uncomfortable and causes arthritis-like symptoms such as joint pain that lasts for weeks.

So far in Florida there have been 82 reported cases of chikungunya, according to WTSP.

"To prevent chikungunya, it is vital that Floridians and visitors continue to avoid mosquito bites," said Dr. Jennifer Bencie, DOH-Manatee Administrator.

The Rays hasn't yet announced whether or not Peralta needs to be put on the disabled list or not yet.

It's a good thing Tropicana Field is a domed stadium.

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