Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dude surfs 60-foot wave on skimboard (VIDEO)

Surfers conquering monster waves are all over the Internet these days, but try doing it on a skimboard. Yup. One of those little sheets of wood you see kids gliding across the shoreline of your local beach.

Professional skimboarder Brad Domke took the simple beach sport to high-adrenaline heights earlier this month after he was filmed effortlessly gliding down a 60-foot wall of water in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

As the swell cascades over him and crashes down, Brad re-emerges still standing on his small fin-less board. He then performs a quick trick in the air and victoriously flips into the ocean after his unprecedented run. (GIF

To perform the impressive stunt, Brad was towed into the breaking wave by a partner driving a jet ski. And as anyone who ever surfed can tell you, it's almost impossible to steer or hold the edge of a wave without a fin.

Although the ride is believed to be record-setting, it has not been made official yet. Still, pretty impressive.

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