Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brian Dozier 'back hair jersey' is a sight to not behold (PHOTO)

A fan's devotion to his favorite player sometimes knows no boundaries. And this Brian Dozier fan took his feelings for the Minnesota Twins second baseman on the road to Coors Field along with a couple of razor blades — and probably an even more dedicated barber.

The guy's back hair jersey probably saved him from being mistaken for a grizzly cub.

Too bad the hirsute fan's fashion statement didn't help Dozier on the base paths. He was thrown out at third base with an incredible toss by Nolan Arenado.

I guess you could say he was out by a hair.

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  1. I was there to see the Dozier "jersey." He got his 15 minutes of fame over and over all night long. I refrained from taking the picture so as not to have nightmares.(So, thanks so much for the flashback! UGH) However, as Nolan Arenado is the Rockies 3rd baseman, he would have been hard-pressed to throw Dozier out at third base. Credit the CANNON of Carlos Gonzales in right field.Go CarGo!!!!