Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fantasy football to get its own TV channel: Report

If you are one of those fantasy football fanatics who still doesn't think there is enough information floating around to feed your inner general manager — rejoice.

DirecTV has announced that it has created a live fantasy football channel that will be available every Sunday afternoon during the 2014 NFL season on its Sunday Ticket package.

The "Fantasy Zone" channel," via marketwatch.com, will be shown all day on a channel next to the "Red Zone" and will be entirely dedicated to fantasy football in all its glory.

Fantasy Zone will also be broadcasting while games are in progress, but will focus solely on how the live action is affecting the day’s fantasy stats. 

"The DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel will provide timely game-to-game fantasy analysis and statistics powered by NFL.com Fantasy along with multiple, revolving on-screen tickers offering real-time stats, highlights, projections and key player updates," the provider wrote in a release.

Kay Adams of NBC Sports, will host the show, and former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones will be the color commentator and will provide analysis. Former Redskins offensive lineman Mark Adickes, now an orthopedic surgeon, will provide injury analysis.

Unlike the Red Zone Channel, which airs from DirecTV’s Los Angeles headquarters, the Fantasy Zone will be broadcast from a loft in New York.

There will be celebrity guest hosts, a live studio audience and even an on-set kitchen where a full-time in-studio chef will cook up game day recipes for fans who get tired of their Doritos and dips.

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