Monday, October 7, 2013

Small earthquake hits near Oakland during Chargers-Raiders game

For NFL fans on the east coast getting up to your first cup of coffee Monday morning, two things happened in Oakland while you were sleeping. First, there was an NFL game between the Chargers and Raiders which kicked off at 11:35 ET (and ended during your REM stage) and there was an earthquake during the second quarter of the game.

Neither of which anyone on the Right Coast has a clue about —and couldn't tell a Janikowski from a Richter Scale.

The quake only added more freakishness to the latest starting game in NFL history.

The 3.1 earthquake had an epicenter about 17 miles from Coliseum in Oakland, according to the United State Geological Survey. The game didn't stop because of the earthquake, but it was felt at the stadium, as you can see in this tweet from the San Francisco Chronicle's Ann Killion.

Oakland had a 14-0 lead when the earthquake hit and stretched that to 17-0 before halftime. 
Terrelle Pryor seems to be empowered by earthquakes — or late kickoff times — because he's had his best first half of the year. Through the first two quarters, Pryor was 13 of 18 for 141 yards and two touchdowns.

Pryor then set up a late field goal by turning a potential sack into a third-and-long conversion that gave the Raiders a 27-17 victory.

San Diego didn't seem to be enjoying the late kickoff and the earthquakes as much as the Raiders. For the first time this season, the Chargers failed to score a point in the first half.

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