Saturday, October 26, 2013

Watch: Fan's horrified look after Metta World Peace's crotch lands in his face (GIF)

NBA fans sit in the courtside seats so they can get close to the action. And sometimes you get more than you bargained for — as this Justin Bieber lookalike found out Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

It may have only been the Knicks last pre-season game but that didn't stop Metta World Peace from flying into the seats after a loose ball like it was the playoffs. It wasn’t so much of World Peace’s effort that catches our eye as was the reaction of the fan who got the full force of MWP's crotch in his face.

As MWP dove for the ball, he attempted to leap over the young man, but couldn’t completely clear him, leaving him face-deep in the NBA star's groin area. And, as you can see by the fan's horrified look, maybe the nosebleed section isn't so bad after all.

At least he won't have to waste a napkin to wipe his face.

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