Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brad Stuart gets 3-game suspension for high hit on Rick Nash (VIDEO)

A day after bumbling through a 9-2 loss to the San Jose Sharks, the New York Rangers used Wednesday to regroup before playing their fourth game on a long, season-opening road trip against the Ducks, probably without star Rick Nash, who likely suffered a concussion on a high hit from defenseman Brad Stuart.

After a disciplinary phone hearing Wednesday with Brendan Shanahan, senior vice president of the NHL's Department of Public Safety, Stuart was suspended three games.

Nash, who played seven more shifts after Stuart's hard hit at 2:32 of the first period, said afterward that he had a "headache," but didn't feel it at first. "It got worse as it went on. It just didn't feel right. I haven't seen a replay, but he caught me right across the head, so, I guess it's a head shot. I felt it right across here," pointing to the right side of his face and jaw.

"Anytime you get a headshot you're concerned, to feel the way it feels. It's not a good feeling."

Nash previously suffered a concussion in February 2012 on a hit from behind by Boston's Milan Lucic and was on injured reserve for four games.

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