Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teemu Selanne autographs tattoo of Teemu Selanne (PHOTO)

I'm not really a fan of dudes getting tattooed with images of other dudes — even if they are your sports idol or Yosemite Sam — but this tattoo of NHL star  Teemu Selanne is pretty awesome. And it just got more awesome.

One guy in Montreal decided to get Selanne tattooed onto his arm with the Anaheim Ducks logo by the side and — with the Ducks in Montreal for a game on Thursday night — he had the chance to show Selanne his permanent portrait.

Not only did the gracious  Selanne see it, but he signed the guy's arm right below the tattoo.

You can bet this fan found the nearest tattoo parlor and the signature inked in before it faded.

Really nice.

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