Monday, October 28, 2013

OSU marching band's halftime tribute to Hollywood is a blockbuster (VIDEO)

The Ohio State University marching band wowed the crowd two weeks ago by reanimating Michael Jackson doing a Moonwalk across the field. But during their halftime show Saturday, fans were treated to blockbuster tribute to Hollywood that deserves an Oscar.

As always, the music from film scores like Superman and Jurassic Park were great but it was the band's marching formations — bringing the classic films to life — that were the most impressive. 

While playing the Harry Potter theme, the band took the formation of Harry riding a broomstick that moved across the field to chase a golden snitch.  

Their Tyrannosaurus Rex for the Jurassic Park tribute actually swallowed up one of the band members.

The grand finale involved two ships fighting each other while the band played music from Pirates of the Carribean. One of the ship's sails had the OSU insignia on it, and the other had their rival's —  the University of Michigan. Needless to say, Michigan's ship was sunk by a thunderous cannon.

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