Sunday, October 27, 2013

Roger Goodell wants NFL teams in both London and Los Angeles

As the Jaguars and 49ers gear up for the kick-off in London Sunday, the topic of a team playing overseas is once again at the forefront of the NFL discussion. But would the league prefer a franchise in London or a franchise back in Los Angeles?

Speaking at a fan forum for Euro NFLers on Saturday, Goodell said he wants "both" and he doesn't care which one happens first.

"It doesn't matter," Goodell said. "I'd love to be back in Los Angeles. But it has to be done the right way, we have to do it successfully ... I want both [London and LA], but it doesn't matter which one is first."

It feels inevitable that fans will eventually get both — despite the objections of most team owners and players. After all, what Roger Goodell wants, he usually gets. The NFL could also force the issue and get a team in LA and a team in London in the next five years.

Goodell understands that it "has to be done the right way," and the right way is hard to pull off. The transition needs to appear somewhat seamless and bring the popularity of the NFL brand across the pond without creating any waves.

The commish appears to think that the fans overseas are open to bringing a franchise to London.

"You are proving you are worthy of a franchise," Goodell said to the Europeans.

Let's see how they feel after watching the Jaguars play.

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