Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Antrel Rolle: Giants can still 'go out there and blow teams out'

The New York Giants have played six games and have lost every one. They have been outscored 209-103 but Antrel Rolle still believes the team is still capable of thrashing an opponent.

"This is my fourth year being a part of the Giants and what we do is we lead," the outspoken safety said in his weekly stint on WFAN Tuesday. "Let's not let that be our mind-set that we have to hang in there for dear life at the end of every game and make it so close. Go out there and you blow their [butt] out early. Put them in a panic mode. Put their backs up against the wall."

This week's home game against the Minnesota Vikings may be the Giants best chance at proving Rolle correct.  The visitors are 1-4 and — considering the six teams the Giants have lost to this season are a combined 24-11— the struggling Vikes look ripe for trouncing.  The only team the Giants have faced so far this year with a losing record is Carolina at 2-3. The G-Men still lost that game 38-0.

Two of those losses, to the Bears and Cowboys, came down to a Giants turnover inside the final two minutes. Two others, against the Chiefs and Broncos —both unbeaten — turned south in the third quarter. Rolle first hinted Thursday after the loss in Chicago that the Giants needed to stop relying on Eli Manning fourth-quarter comebacks — which so far this season have fallen flat — and take advantage of teams earlier. He stressed that again Tuesday, saying the Giants don't just want to win but to win big.

"We're that dynamic as a team, despite what our record shows, that we can go out there and blow teams out," he said. "And I know that we can."

The unwitting schedule-maker gave the Giants 10 days to prepare for a bottom-dwelling team. What can the players do to take advantage of this situation on Monday night? 

"Let it all hang out," Rolle said of what the team's philosophy should be at the start of the upcoming game. "There's nothing else left to be done at this point but to let it all hang out. You're 0-6. You can't be scared to make a mistake."

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