Thursday, October 10, 2013

Elite League hockey player banned 47 games for acts of violence on ice

Derek Campbell of the Hull Stingrays was hit with a 47-game ban and subsequently released from his team for reacting violently after being smashed against the boards by a Dundee Stars player.

The 33-year-old Elite League player received the severe punishment after attempting an eye gouge, fighting and other acts of violence during a league game between the teams. 

After being on the receiving end of a high hit by Nico Sacchetti behind the net and being ejected, Campbell was escorted off the ice, but then went berserk and attacked Sacchetti near the away locker rooms.

Campbell won't have to serve out his ban with the Stingrays; before the ban was announced the Stringways fired Campbell, who was in his second turn with the club.

Team Owner Bobby McKeown said: “What he did on the ice in reaction to the challenge is part and parcel of the game, but I can’t condone what happened off it, it’s a business decision”.

Campbell was cited for four different acts of violence and received lengthy bans for each. His rap sheet, according to the league, included:
  • Fighting off the Ice (15 games)
  • Attempted eye gouge (12 games)
  • Knee to the head (10 games)
  • Excessive force resulting in an impact to the ice (10 games)

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