Monday, October 14, 2013

First look at Madison Square Garden's 'sky bridge' seats (PHOTOS)

Knicks fans — who have gotten tired of hearing all about Barclays Center and its state-of-the-art architecture for the past year— finally have a chance to brag about Madison Square Garden after three years of renovation inside the 45-year-old structure.

Basketball and hockey fans will be “on top of the action’’ as never before at the newly revamped World's Most Famous Arena after the long-awaited debut of its sky bridge seats.

Never-before-seen photos show the centerpiece of the arena’s renovation — two revolutionary glass-walled seating “bridges” attached to the roof that hold 430 seats, reports the N.Y. Post.

The bridges include walkways behind the seats for fans to stroll along. The bridges can hold a total of 900 people who will be shelling out anywhere from $110 to $210 for the experience.

“[People] will be on top of the action as well as very close to it. There is nothing like this in the world,” said architect Murray Beynon, who headed the three-year project.

“It gets people right out there. These are the most unique seats in a sports arena anywhere in the world.”

The bridge seats are 94 feet away from the arena floor — about the same distance as existing front-row seats.A limited number of the special seats are still available.

The Garden has been shutting down for four to five months every year for the past three years to finish the billion-dollar renovation, which also includes wider concourses, mores suites and comfortable new balcony seating.

It reopens on Oct. 25 for a Knicks preseason game.

Nice. But these seats sure don't look as vertigo-inducing as the artist's rendering (below) of the walkway we were shown last year.

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