Sunday, October 13, 2013

Duke men's basketball team poses with assault rifles (PHOTOS)

Serious looking photos of members of the Duke men's basketball team holding automatic assault rifles were posted on some of the Blue Devils' personal Facebook pages Saturday and had some people wondering what the shots depicted or if they were in bad taste.

Deadspin later explained that the Dukies and their M4 Carbines were part of the team's four-day fall break. They had visited West Point —coach Mike Krzyzewski's alma mater — and taken some target practice with some of the cadets before heading to New York City where they planned on seeing a Broadway play, the National 9/11 Memorial and a show at the Apollo Theater. The team even had dinner with some former Duke greats including Grant Hill.

After all that infantry training, Coach K's sharpshooters might want to start their season by seeing both Blue Man Group and A Time To Kill.

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