Thursday, October 17, 2013

A-Rod supporters seek donations to fight 'injustice' of 211-game ban

Alex Rodriguez may have the means for a top-flight legal team, but the A-Rod supporters — who have taken over the sidewalk outside Major League Baseball’s offices since the slugger’s appeal began on Sept. 30 — are grounded and looking for financial support as it protests the Yankee third baseman’s historic 211-game doping ban.

Hispanics Across America (HAA) has created a website — — that asks for donations of $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 to HAA to help the group stop “the injustice regarding the 211-game suspension.”

HAA president Fernando Mateo has said that the HAA supporters aren’t getting paid by the Yankees third baseman (who made $29 million in salary this season) to hold up posters and cheer the slugger's  name when he enters and exits the MLB office building and need cash.

During the first week of arbitration, brand new blue and white T-shirts with “Support A-Rod” splashed across the front were handed out to the supporters, but Mateo said the shirts were paid for through donations. The site, which seems to be a work in progress, as evidenced by the “Error 404” message that comes up when visitors click on the “Join Us!” prompt, seems to suggest that donations aren’t coming in fast enough.

The site also takes aim at Bud Selig, with a large photo of the MLB commissioner next to the question, “Who is public enemy No. 1 in baseball?”

“For years, Hispanics Across America has been fighting for better treatment of our children here at home, as well as in places like the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela where our families still live and where their children are being poorly treated by Major League Baseball,” reads a statement by Mateo. “The treatment of these young players would never be tolerated in small towns across America where young people pursue their dreams.

Twelve other baseball players were suspended in addition to A-Rod on Aug. 5, but they received 50-game doping bans in connection with the Biogenesis drug scandal. Rodriguez chose to battle it out with MLB and appeal the suspension.


  1. are u people crazy? the guy makes in excess of 50,000,000 dollars and u want donations i'll ask you, how about everyone out there that reads this please send a quarter bill tomey,340 west liberty st, Coshocton OHIO 43812 see how many I get--thank you I know the gals will but I doubt the guys will

  2. Did A-Rod admit to using PEDs?
    He did?
    No pity.

  3. Anyone donating even a single Dollar must be out of their minds! And: this has nothing to do with Aroid being Hispanic. He cheated and got caught.

  4. Why don't they spend time on something worthwhile?

  5. I'm hispanic and picking on my felllow "hermano's"...the money that organization wants to raise isn't going to A-roid's legal defense...they want it to pay the protesters for their worK" and reimburse their expenses and pocket the rest. What a lame excuse for a scam Senior F. Mateo at.....HAA HAA.

  6. Ask Arod to kick in the donations to help his cause! I'm Hispanic, raised in da Bronx n a lifetime Yankees fan. He can afford his own way through this! I support Da Yankees Da Team...

  7. This is why they call us 'Stupid Mexicans'. Really? Poor Multi-Millionaire who freely cheated with banned substances...are you kidding me? You are asking people, families to donate money they can not afford to part with to support a known cheat? Just when you think stupidity was taking a break along comes Mateo? I'm going to start a website to have this idiot taken out of office. HAA HAA is right, what a joke of a organization.