Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jennifer Garner sports 'Red Sox' beard on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

When Jennifer Garner walked out onto set of Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, she was sporting a beard that made the fuzz her husband, Ben Affleck, wore in his "Argo' film role look like a five-o'clock shadow. She explained that the Duck Dynasty makeover was a nod to the Boston Red Sox and one of their most famous fans — Affleck.

Kimmel took just one at the beautiful actress and said, "Yes, please take it off. It's disturbing."

Garner said the fake beard was meant as good luck for the Sox players — currently playing the Cardinals in the World Series —  riding their own wave of bearded success throughout the playoffs.

"That's really all that's happening at my house right now, I don't know if kids are being fed, or if trick or treating is going to happen," Garner joked. "But it's part of the deal. It's one the deals you make with devil when you're living with Ben Affleck."

Also part of the deal is dealing with Affleck's superstitions when it comes to the Red Sox.

"Once you get into the playoffs, it's like, somebody made an error so I have change where I'm sitting on the couch?" Garner says. "You wore this shirt yesterday, or had a hot dog at this time yesterday ... It's a little bit ridiculous. But he's not kidding. It's some weird guy thing."

Is Affleck the luckiest guy in the world or what?

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