Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Francisco directs marathon noise complaints to phone sex line

Residents who tried to complain about noise from a San Francisco marathon Sunday morning got an earful of sexy talk instead.

When they called the city's 311 hotline to complain about Sunday's Nike Women's Marathon, they were incorrectly directed to a phone sex line.

People fed up with 30,000 runners mingling around, the music and loud announcements — starting at 5:30 a.m. — called the city’s 311 line, which kindly asked residents to instead call 1-800-RUN-NIKE, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The only problem? That’s not the Nike Women’s Marathon number. That’s a woman telling callers to "unzip that fly, baby."

That phone number belongs to a Pennsylvania-based phone sex company called Lust, which probably isn’t what  residents were looking for after being unexpectedly awoken hours before sunrise.

City officials now say they were given the wrong number and are investigating how the mix-up occurred.

The phone sex number and marathon number differed only in their prefix: 800 versus 866.
311 Director Nancy Alfaro says the wrong number was given out for about a half hour before city officials were alerted. It's not clear how many people were misdirected.

Regardless, the 10th anniversary of the San Francisco race was deemed a success, and raised millions for cancer research. The phone line raised other things.

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