Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fan's whistle from the stands nearly costs Wake Forest a safety against Miami (Video)

A fan's whistle during the Wake Forest-Miami game created one of the stranger moments of the season on Saturday.

Wake Forest punter Alexander Kinal was standing in his own end zone, ready to punt, but when he received the ball, he heard a whistle and stopped.

Miami players who were rushing the play stopped as well.

No one seemed to know what was happening, including the announcers who both yelled, “There’s been no whistle!” during the confusion.

However, everyone on the field heard a whistle — only just not from an official. It was from the fan in the stands, who tweeted his whistle multiple times to simulate an official's whistle to possibly throw Kinal off.

His idiotic scheme almost worked, but it created such a confusion that instead of the play being called a safety, the officials called the play dead and Wake Forest was able to punt again.

Miami was down 14-10 at the time and it could have been a huge momentum changer. As it turned out, Miami ultimately won the game without the doofus in the stands' assistance'.

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