Saturday, October 19, 2013

Referee prevents Manziel from taunting opponent after scoring touchdown (VIDEO)

Johnny Manziel left Texas A&M's game against Auburn early in the fourth-quarter with an injured right shoulder but came storming back by going 6-for-6 and taking the Aggies 62 yards for a 40-38 lead.

After Johnny Football capped off the drive with a one-yard scamper, the sometimes overenthusiastic Manziel was prevented from taunting Auburn defensive back Trent Fisher by the same referee who signaled touchdown at the goal line.

Watch as the alert ref races over to get between the two players and directly tells the ready-to-explode Manziel, "Don't do it."

Manziel smiled and held in his excessive tendencies. But the Aggies still lost 45-41.

Here's the play that briefly knocked Manziel out of the game.

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  1. The ref shouldn't have gotten inbetween them, if he's too dumb not to get a taunting penalty, so be it !