Monday, January 7, 2013

Rex Ryan tattoo of wife wearing Sanchez jersey available on T-shirt

You too can show off Rex Ryan's wife, Michelle, sexily wearing only a Mark Sanchez jersey and — unlike Ryan's permanent tattoo of his Tebowing spouse — will be able to take it off at the end of the day.

Inspired by a photo of Ryan's infamous inked tribute to his wife (and Sanchez?) on his right arm, a New York company has designed a T-shirt with a likeness of the tattoo on the front.

The white tee features a replica of the tattoo of Michelle wearing Sanchez's No. 6 Jets jersey — and nothing else — sitting on the word "Rex" written in the Jet logo font from the 1980's and 90's.

"I got the idea for the shirt over the weekend and we whipped it up (Sunday) morning," Darren Meenan of Crosstown New York told The New York Daily News.  "It wasn't initially going to be produced but we received enough positive reactions on both Twitter and Facebook to make it worth it."

The T-shirt, which costs $20, went on sale Sunday morning at

Now if Ryan could only explain his wife's Tebowing pose. Tuesday's press conference with owner Woody Johnson should be a blast.


  1. it amazing how some people have zero class. Anything to make a buck... The owner of the Tshirt company better hope we never get to see what his wife looks like in her underwear.... might make for a nice Tshirt.

  2. If the Jets have another terrible year Rex will no longer get any "foot" from his wife.

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