Saturday, January 5, 2013

High schooler makes unbelievable 'accidental' 3-point shot

Gabrielle Gary made the shot of the year — not an easy feat considering there are still 360 days left in 2013 — when she went to save a loose ball and inadvertently put it through the net.

Gary, a sophomore at McCutcheon High School (Ind.) made the twisting, accidental shot when she chased down the ball against Lafayette Jeff High School.  Using her right arm, Gary scooped the ball from going out of bounds and, with a frantic, blind-sided toss, hooked it skyward.  The guard got more than she bargained for after it sailed to the basket, bounced around the rim and fell through for a trey.

It wasn't a buzzer-beater or desperation heave but the first quarter shot is amazing because she did it from such a difficult angle.

Gary, who went 7-of-9 from three point range, finished the game with a career high 24 points.

After McCutcheon beat Lafayette, 56-36, Gary said she couldn't even see the basket from the corner of the court where she heaved the shot.

"Oh man! We may be sending that in for an ESPY," screams one announcer. "That was huge!"

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