Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Carmelo unaware he was 'miked up' but laughs it off

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony said he was unaware that he was miked up during two games last weekend, on the special orders of owner James Dolan, and claims he doesn't care.

Anthony laughed off the notion that the team had planted two audio technicians with disk-shaped recording devices on both ends of the court to tape his on-court chats with other players.

Dolan reportedly did it to protect his star player from another Kevin Garnett type "he said-she said" incident which led to a one-game suspension for Anthony.

"I don't care about microphones," Anthony told the New York Post after he and his wife, La La, arrived at the team hotel in London for Thursday night's game against the Pistons.  "I wasn't aware of it.  I found out on the plane [trip]."

Anthony wasn't overly concerned about the on-court bugging, but doesn't understand why the team resorted to such tactics.

"I don't think the mikes are going to stop what's goes on out on the court," he said.  "But it was funny when I heard it.  No, I wasn't upset.  Not at all."

The gadgets were secretly used during last Friday's game against the Bulls and Sunday's game against the Hornets after Garnett reportedly got under Anthony's skin by saying his wife "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."  Anthony was suspended one game after he waited outside for Garnett and the two men had to be separated.

The third Mike on the court — Knicks head coach Mike Woodson — said he hasn't quizzed Dolan on what his boss was up to.

"That's not my concern," said Woodson.  "It really isn't.  When I step on the floor I'm not thinking about camera guys.  All I'm focused on is the guys running up and down the court. If the cameras are there, they're there.  I don't know anything about it."

The Knicks have declined to comment on their little Spygate and the NBA has said the team did nothing wrong.


  1. Looks like Mello should lay low untill they find another scapegoat to make headlines

  2. How can you not be aware of this guy at the end of the court??