Monday, January 14, 2013

Carmelo: I'm definitely going to get a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios after 15-day fast ends

Carmelo Anthony said he was so hungry after his annual 15-day fast was ending Sunday that he was even ready to have a bowl of — you guessed it — Honey Nut Cheerios.

Just six days after Anthony got into it with Kevin Garnett — after the Celtics smack talker got under his skin by reportedly telling Melo, "Your wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios" during a Knicks-Celtics game last Monday —  the Knicks star put a humorous buzz on his rival's heckling.

"I'm definitely going to get a bowl of that, for sure," a grinning Anthony said at the launch of his new signature sneaker, Air Jordan Melo M9, at the Wall Street restaurant Cipriani.

Melo served a one-game suspension for waiting for Garnett inside the Madison Square Garden tunnel where the Celtics team bus was idling after Garnett's crude remark on the court.  The two players had to be separated by MSG security.

On Sunday, Anthony was a lot mellower and seems to have put the episode behind him, after leading the Knicks to a 100-87 win over the New Orleans Hornets, but still wouldn't confirm what Garnett said to rile him up.

The Knicks star characterized it as "something you don't say to men."

"Like I said, whatever was said was said out there on the court," Anthony explained.  "It happened. He said it.  We handled like we're supposed to handle it.  We talked . We move on."

He did say he was in the middle of his 15-day fast to gain "clarity" when Garnett mouthed off on the court.

"Today is my last day," Anthony said of his fasting and said he was ready to eat "whatever I see."

Besides the sugary breakfast cereal, Anthony said, "I need to eat something ... Maybe some chicken, maybe a steak, I don't know."

As for life on the other home court, things taste more like Shredded Wheat.

Sources said Anthony and his wife La La Vasquez are having marital problems and she didn't show up for the sneaker unveiling as planned.  Anthony, who was there with his 5-year-old son Kiyan, downplayed her absence.

"We have our time. We have our down time," he said.  "She works. I work. We make it work. Communication is the key."

Anthony ends his fast right before the Knicks head to London for a game against the Detroit Pistons in The O2 Arena Thursday.

Enjoy those butties and mushy peas Melo.

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