Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo denies romance with Ryan Lochte

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo threw some cold water on the rumors of a romance heating up between her and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Culpo, the beauty who took the Miss Universe crown last month, told "Extra" host Maria Menounos that she was going to "just go with the flow" and sounded like the only thing that the two share right now is an affinity for bathing suits.

"Rumors are rumors," she told the entertainment show host from Times Square.  "At the end of the day, we're just friends. I'm happy with that."

Lochte, who has tested the waters as an gossip show reporter and sitcom actor since winning Olympic gold, has been linked to  Culpo since he met the auburn-haired Miss Rhode Island at at a Manhattan party during Fashion week in September. He even made a splash back then with the pageant owner Donald Trump who said they made a nice pairing.

Too bad Culpo, who is single and looking to date, isn't as fired up about Lochte as she is about the pageant's head honcho.

"Mr. Trump is an amazing person . . . I think I have the best boss."

You're hired.

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