Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NEW VIDEO: 'Melo and KG almost came to blows inside tunnel

New video has surfaced showing that Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett did meet up outside after Monday night's Knicks-Celtics game and looked more ready to tangle than just talk.

TMZ posted a video of Garnett approaching Anthony inside the Madison Square Garden tunnel where the Boston team bus was waiting and its pretty clear both men were ready to take it to another level.

In the video, the players can be seen talking a lot of smack before aggressively approaching each other as swarms of security scramble to keep them apart. TMZ claims the barely audible tape contains a lot of the n-word mixed in with the cursing.

Anthony has claimed he was only waiting to talk to the Celtics player after Garnett "crossed a line" by commenting about 'Melo's wife LaLa Vazquez and a heated exchange on the court.

Previous video showed 'Melo just standing around waiting for KG like it was "High Noon" at a school bus stop.

This video clearly shows that things could have escalated if MSG security and a few of NYPD's Finest hadn't intervened before KG boarded the bus.

Anthony's post-game pursuit of Garnett has resulted in an NBA investigation for possible discipline, but the Knicks star says his actions don't warrant any punishment.  He claims he just wanted to hug it out with his antagonist and nothing more.

Thug it out is more like it, according to the video.

"There's some things that you just don't say to men, another man," Anthony said. "I felt like he crossed the line."

A source said the Knicks forward has since spoke to Garnett and cleared the air.

"We have an understanding right now," said 'Melo.  "That situation was handled."

The NBA might still have something to say about that.

As of the latest All-Star balloting, Anthony and Garnett are leading as starters for the East front court and will likely share time on the court.  Mark your calenders for the weekend of Feb. 15-17 in Houston.

Hope they don't have to share a bus.

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