Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reporter handles videobomber by asking her if she has an STD

It must be pretty hard for TV reporters to do an interview on the streets of New Orleans without any of  those "zombies" strolling around crashing into a shot.

One cool-headed (and attractive to boot) TV journalist didn't let a drunk 49ers fan videobomb her story in the French Quarter as the city gears up for Super Bowl Sunday.

While doing a stand-up on Bourbon Street, Jessica Sanchez of WKMG in Orlando had  an unwelcome woman get into the shot and insist on talking into the camera.  The quick thinking Sanchez didn't flinch and said they were doing a story on STD's.  She then asked the tipsy lady how long she had the virus.

Watch as the reporter turns the tables on the videobomber.

For her quick-thinking improvisation and cool demeanor, Sanchez is now a hero to all street reporters.

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