Sunday, January 20, 2013

Marc 'Scrabble' Rzepczynski signs Cardinals fan's game board

Marc Rzepczynski has a last name that makes Coach K's sound almost like Smith in comparison, but it lends itself to one of the most appropriate nicknames in sports — "Scrabble."

The 27-year-old St. Louis Cardinals reliever's surname scores a whopping 40 points on a Scrabble board game on its own — even without the triples and doubles and if you allow the fact that it's a proper noun.

One Cards fan got an extra bonus by having the lefthander autograph a logical item at the team's "Winter Warm-Up" — her Cardinals Scrabble board.

The ingenious woman made the most of her $5 fee where fans get player's autographs at a hotel under the Arch.

What comes as a surprise is finding out there was even such a thing as a St. Louis Cardinals Scrabble game.

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