Monday, January 28, 2013

Hockey coach ejected for mimicking blind man to mock referees

There have been plenty of classic over-the-top antics by coaches protesting official's calls over the years but this assistant coach's bizarre protest may go down as one of the funniest — if not the least politically correct — in sports history.

The bench of the NAHL's Wenatchee Wild hockey team was a little frustrated with the officiating during their game against the Kenai River Brown Bears on Saturday night.  So in the third period, Chris Clark summoned his inner Carrot Top and grabbed a couple of handy props to make a statement.

The bow-tied assistant picked up a hockey stick, donned a pair of sunglasses and walked out onto the ice to mock the officials by mimicking a blind person.

Making fun of the visually-impaired might have been taking it to an extreme, but even Mother Teresa would have to admit the stick-tapping act was an original.

Clark and the Wild head coach Bliss Littler were both ejected from the game.  You can bet they both saw that coming.

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