Friday, January 25, 2013

Jets new GM: Sanchez will be competing for QB job

At Thursday's press conference to introduce John Idzik as the New York Jets new general manager, the  incoming GM didn't comment specifically on any Jets player.  But later, on ESPN Radio, it sounded like Idzik had some good news and some bad news for Mark Sanchez.

The positive news for Sanchez — it doesn't sound like you're going to be put on the trading block.

On the flip side for last year's starting quarterback — you're going to have to fight for that same position next season.

Speaking on "The Michael Kay Show," Idzik said Sanchez will be back as part of quarterback competition.

"We're going to bring in competition," said Idzik.  "Mark is a competitor.  He's not adverse to competition.  He'll probably welcome it.  It will make everybody better and that will be our direction."

Jets head coach Rex Ryan took the more direct approach about his fifth-year quarterback.

"I believe Mark needs to erase his hard drive," said Ryan.

Sanchez had a miserable season (18 INTs) and the Jets finished 6-10 but Ryan thinks Sanchez must be chomping at the bit at the prospect of working with a pass-oriented offense with new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

"He's got to be popping out of his skin, as any quarterback would," said Ryan.

The Jets still have Greg McElroy and Tim Tebow under contract behind Sanchez and his $8.25 million guaranteed contract in 2013 but Idzik said all personnel would be evaluated with an eye on cap space.  By the way, Sanchez's deal was orchestrated by ousted GM Mike Tannenbaum.

The Jets could take a shot at Matt Flynn — the backup on Idzik's former Seahawks team — or possibly the 49ers' new second-teamer Alex Smith, both who could put the pressure on Sanchez and maybe take his starting job.

Ryan sounds excited about trading in his ground-and-pound offense for a more streamlined run-and-gun attack.

"I can't wait to get out there and see how our offense will look," said Ryan. "Will it look different? Yes it will."

For some reason, it sounds like bad news for Sanchez.


  1. You said the same think last year. He was not a good QB then and he won't be this coming year. You had better find someone to compete, because Sanchez is not it. He panics when he comes to the line, and frankly is not a good QB.

  2. How good was Eli Manning in year 4 ??? Everyone wanted Tom Coughlans head as well .... the biggest jokers are Francessa,Carlin, and Schein and you know what throw Lucas in there as well !!!

  3. Compete? Sanchez can just take over Tebow's vacant job, bench warmer.

  4. There is another job that Sanchez is good, if you gays saw how he collide with his own team running the ball. That is what I call, kissing ass, go look at the play. In that play, Sanchez was looking for assholes in the mix.

  5. Sanchez, how about just plain doorknob?, or if you want something decent,call it "reverse perfectionist", you know, military call it [retrograde].Plumbers always encounter this drama when the sewer back-up working on a toilet. Get the point? Be a Plumber, you already got the name.
    Back-up quarter back-ache.