Friday, August 29, 2014

Darrelle Revis' best memory of Jets at MetLife Stadium ... none: Report

Former Jets star Darrelle Revis was back in a familiar place to face the Giants in a preseason game Thursday night. Only this time in a Patriots uniform.

When the All-Pro cornerback walked into MetLife Stadium — the place where Revis spent his first six NFL seasons with the Jets developing into a superstar — he drew a blank when asked if there was a single memory that stood out during that time.

"Not really. I only played here for two years in this new stadium," Revis recalled, forgetting he actually played from 2010-12.

"Every time I come here it feels like a new feeling. It's a brand new stadium. It is a nice stadium, but it really doesn't [have any memories that stick out].

"I've moved on from that situation."

Besides an injury-shortened season and the dreadful Jets teams of the past few years,  maybe the color scheme had something to do with Revis' MetLife void.

"It's blue and red in here [for the Giants] right now," he said. "It's not green and white [for the Jets]."

Revis didn't play at all in the Giants 16-13 preseason win, but wants everyone to know that when he returns to the Meadowlands with the Patriots to play the Jets on Dec. 21, it will be like any other game.

"I played the Jets last year when I was in Tampa," he said. "It's football. It doesn't matter who's on the schedule and who we play and what team I was on before. All of that stuff is out the door. I'm not going to put no added pressure on me. This is football."

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