Monday, August 18, 2014

Jimmie Johnson tries using vice grip when shifter breaks (VIDEO)

The shifter handle on the transmission of Jimmie Johnson's car broke during Sunday's Pure Michigan 400 race so he and his team made a frantic attempt at fixing the problem.

When Johnson pitted under green the team handed him a pair of pliers and a vise grip to attach to the remaining part of the shifter handle so Johnson could shift the gears in the car.

However, he couldn't get the vise grip onto the shifter handle. When Johnson pitted he was in high gear; after his team pushed him away from his pit stall he tried to get the vise grip on the handle.

Ultimately, the six-time Sprint Cup Series Champion wasn't successful in his efforts. He lost a lap while trying to get the shifter fixed and his team ended up fixing it on a subsequent pit stop. Johnson got the lap back and ultimately finished ninth.

After the race, Johnson came to grips with reality in a heated exchange with Kyle Newman about the frenzied race.

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  1. Vise Grips are great at quick fixes.
    I once saw a guy fix his broken brake line with a vise grips to close up the leak so he could have break pressure to get home.