Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rams offer free tickets to high schools near Ferguson riots: Report

There doesn't seem to be anything that anyone can do to ease the tension in Ferguson, Mo. right now, but one NFL team has made a small attempt at bringing normalcy back for some school kids in the nearby area.

The St. Louis Rams organization is offering free tickets to Saturday’s preseason game to area schools overwhelmed by the riots which followed the police shooting of an unarmed man and set off days of protests and mayhem in the streets.

Whether or not you consider it a generous offer to help bring sanity back to kids confused by the current state of affairs or a blatant PR attempt conveniently combining national news with something far less important like sports, three local high schools will each receive 75 free tickets to see the home team play the Cleveland Browns, reported SI.com.

Rams manager of fan development and alumni relations Kyle Eversgerd contacted coaches at McCluer High, McCluer North and McCluer South; offering the free tickets to each team if they wanted them.

“In light of everything going on it just kind of hit me,” Eversgerd said. “I can’t imagine with all that stuff going on, how tough it must be to practice. We were able to get them away from it all.”

It’s a nice gesture for a suburban town gripped by uncertainty and, hopefully, the payoff will be peace of mind for a couple of hundred teenagers — and that they can pay it forward.

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