Monday, August 11, 2014

Eli and Peyton joined by some Jets in a new DirecTV rap video (VIDEO)

If it's August in the NFL, it can only mean one thing — another Manning brothers DirecTV jam.

Eli and Peyton Manning — who had a YouTube hit with last year's DirecTV rap "Football on Your Phone" video, are at it again with a similar gangsta theme but they added a few new friends.

"Fantasy Fottball Fantasy" comes out today promoting the network's new fantasy football channel, Via For The Win.

Along with the pair's white guy rapping cadence, you'll get a few other curiosities, including:

• New Jets running back Chris Johnson giving someone his trademark dreadlocks.

•  Ex-Jets quarterback Joe Namath cuddling a mother while she's making stew (don't ask,         just watch).

• Eli getting auto-tuned before his father Archie Manning joins him in outer space.

Just don't look for any Seattle Seahawks though.

Last year's video caught everyone by surprise and seemed fresh and spontaneous. This one doesn't seem to hit the mark. You be the judge:

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