Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Neil Walker hits home run ball into Allegheny River ... no really (VIDEO)

On Monday night, Pirates second baseman Neil Walker jacked a baseball over the PNC Park stands and into the Allegheny River and no, it wasn't just a mic'd up Andrew McCutchen's exaggeration of the home run shot.

Walker literally hit the ball into the river.

Walker's solo home run was just the 35th ever to reach the Allegheny River on a bounce, and he's 23rd player to pull off the glorious feat.

Unfortunately, the home team's comeback hopes sunk as fast as the ball did into the murky river and the Pirates fell to the Braves 7-3.

"Tell you the truth, I couldn't care less," Walker said about his water shot. "I wish it had come with the bases loaded and us down by three runs. As it was, it was just one run in another loss."

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