Monday, August 18, 2014

Yankee Stadium to debut metal detectors ahead of MLB mandate: Report

Fans hoping to make it up to the Bronx for the Yankees series against the Astros this week might want to budget their time if they don't want to miss any of Derek Jeter's final at-bats.

The Yankees announced Friday that as part of Major League Baseball’s initiative to screen fans entering all 30 Major League parks for the start of the 2015 season with metal detectors, they will begin adding the security measures at various entry points at Yankee Stadium starting with Tuesday's game against the Astros and ahead of the MLB mandate.

So expect some airline terminal-type inconveniences.

These new procedures, which result from MLB’s continuing work with the Department of Homeland Security to standardize security practices across the game, will be in addition to bag checks that are now uniform throughout MLB.

According to the announcement, the club is introducing metal detection at select entrances this season in an effort to acclimate staff and fans to the new procedure.

Beginning with Tuesday’s game, fans will be asked to remove cell phones and all large metal objects from their pockets before walking through metal detectors at select Yankee Stadium entryways.

Beginning in 2015, all game-day entrances to Yankee Stadium — and every MLB stadium — will follow this protocol.

Teams can pick between hand-held metal detectors or walk-through magnetometers.

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