Friday, August 22, 2014

Twin UNM soccer players drop out after hazing ritual of drinking, 'stripping and urine spraying': Report

A set of female twin soccer players at the University of Mexico have dropped out of the school after one of the women was hospitalized from drinking alcohol and reportedly being abused during a hazing ritual.

The 18-year-old fraternal twin sisters, Danielle and Devin Scelsi, from Trabuco Canyon, California, pulled out of the school following Sunday night's bizarre incident, reported the Daily Mail.

UNM officials said heavy drinking was involved but they rejected local media reports that Sunday night's incident involved players being made to strip, or even being sprayed with urine.

The university has canceled the first match of the women's soccer team's season this week after the troubling hazing incident left another young woman in the hospital.

The OC Weekly reported that Danielle Scelsi called campus police to report her sister Devin was struggling to breathe and appeared to be vomiting after drinking. 

Officers found two other teens in the apartment with the teen sisters who also seemed drunk. Devin Scelsi was taken to a hospital and another 18-year-old was taken to a separate center. 

Two days after the incident, the sisters had left the school, the OC Weekly reported. 

Their mother Dawn Scelsi told KTLA her freshman daughters were brutally hazed by older members of the team. 

Two students have left UNM as a result of the initiations, the team's coach confirmed on Wednesday. 

"We failed the young women of our soccer program who did not understand the seriousness of hazing," UNM athletic director Paul Krebs told a news conference in Albuquerque.

"These are good women, but they damaged the reputation of the university, the women's soccer program, and themselves."

Krebs said an ongoing probe has revealed that the majority of the team's players were consuming alcohol at more than one off-campus location, but that none of them were forced to drink.

A report by UNM campus police said officers responding to a 911 call took one 18-year-old player to hospital who was extremely intoxicated and had trouble breathing.

A second intoxicated 18-year-old, who was having trouble standing, was not transported, police said. 

Krebs said that while the investigation continues, Friday's season opener against Texas Tech in the Mountain West Conference has been canceled, resulting in a $5,000 fine for UNM.

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