Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lingerie football teams brawl at end of LFL playoff game (VIDEO)

Fans of the Lingerie Football League (okay, Legends Football League) who actually watch the game for their skills and integrity were sure to be upset at seeing this outburst of gratuitous violence and foul language when things got a little out of hand at the end the Atlanta Steam's 20-12 victory over the Jacksonville Breeze.

There were a lot of fists and fingers flying as the Eastern Conference Championship broke out into an all out brawl after the final whistle had blown.

And, of course,  that's not what fans pay to see.

The cattiness started on the field when a Jacksonville player called a member of the Steam a “p---- a-- b----,” causing the benches to clear and the punches to fly.

Once it came time for the traditional end-of-game handshakes, things turned into a free-for all, as players threw down their bodies and insults with equal ferocity. 

One player appeared to use her helmet to attack an opponent in the minute-long video clip.

Thankfully, they already had wedgies.

Even the coaches were dragged into the fracas — most notably Dane Robinson, who was punched in the face by Jacksonville linebacker Adrian Purnell.

Atlanta is headed to the Sept. 6 championship game against the Chicago Bliss.

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