Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peyton bounces back from lame rap video with hilarious Gatorade spots (VIDEO)

It looks like it's time for Peyton Manning to dump his straight man (we're talking about about you Eli) and get back to what he does best — starring in funny TV commercials all by himself.

After this summer's less than sidesplitting DirecTV's new Fantasy Zone commercial with his bro, the Denver Broncos quarterback has bounced back with a couple of hilarious spots for Gatorade.

In the first, a thirsty customer strolls up to a convenience store counter with a bottle of Gatorade, only to be cut off by the cashier for not perspiring enough. Then the red-vested clerk asks to check with his manager, who just happens to be Manning.

The unsuspecting woman — having a rough time after a night out — is told to "sweat it to get it" by the demanding Manning before he sets up and goes deep with a bottle of Gatorade across the store.

In the other spot, Manning the manager has another woman get on the floor and do a "chaturanga" yoga move — "We're gonna need some back sweat going" — in the middle of the store aisle.

The spots are a little mean-spirited, since the women don't seem to recognize the straight-faced 6-foot-5 NFL star, but it's funny.

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