Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yankees score two runs after ball hits Beltran in the head (VIDEO)

Players wrack their brains trying to figure out a pitcher's rhythm to get runs across the plate. But Carlos Beltran literally used his head to get the Yankees  a couple of scores without a batter even putting a ball into play Monday night.

The odd sequence of events started with Martin Prado at the plate, Beltran on third and Chase Headley at first. Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph throws to second to catch Headley stealing, but Headley puts on the brakes and gets caught in a rundown.

Now the fun starts.

While Beltran strays off third towards the plate, the Orioles start to throw the ball all around the infield and a toss home hits Beltran in the noggin and bounces behind the plate. Beltran scores and Headley circles the bases eventually scoring from first while the Orioles infielders scratch their heads in disbelief.

Yes, it was a heads-up play by the Yankees.

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