Saturday, August 30, 2014

Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt ejected for throwing punch at linebacker (VIDEO)

Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt's 2014 season probably didn't start off the way he wanted it to.

With 'Cuse use leading Villanova 10-7 in the first quarter, Hunt was tackled and felt that linebacker Dillon Lucas dived in with a late hit after he was already down. Hunt retaliated with a left hook to the 'Nova defender's face mask.

Hunt was ejected from the game and redshirt freshman Austin Wilson came in to relieve the starter.

As Section 6.1 of the NCAA rule book states: "When a player is disqualified from the game due to a flagrant personal foul, that team's conference shall automatically initiate a video review for possible additional sanctions before the next scheduled game."

It'll be interesting to see if Syracuse coach Scott Shafer hands out any further punishment while Hunt works on his temper.

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