Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jet Ski goes airborne after terrifying collision with another (VIDEO)

The driver and passenger of a Jet Ski and an innocent bystander avoided serious injuries after their out-of-control water vehicle collided with another one during a crash that was captured in a terrifying online video.

Footage shows a woman sitting on her parked Jet Ski when suddenly she screams and scurries away from her Jet Ski.

Just then, another Jet Ski is seen speeding towards the shore where it collides with the stationary one sending the two riders flying into the air like they were launched from a ramp.

Luckily, the woman on the beached Jet Ski was either warned by her bikinied friend or had the presence of mind to hop off her ride before avoiding what could have been a horrible injury.

The passenger on the flying Jet Ski was tended to by passersbys.

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