Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Spectator upstages world record marathon runner at finish line (VIDEO)

Look for the guy in the yellow shirt. When Kenyan Wilson Kipsang broke the marathon world record by 15 seconds (2:03:23) — as he crossed the finish line at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday — his moment of glory was taken away by some self-promoting jerk who jumped in front of the runner and broke the tape.

This clip explains it all. This moron turned what should have been an amazing moment for Kipsang into a Look at Me Mommy joke. And, to make the scene a little more sleazy, the intruder used the occasion to promote a website that connects prostitutes with "gentlemen with high demands."

Congratulations to Wilson on breaking the world record. And to the d-bag in the yellow shirt — I still didn't get that web address.

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