Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puck shatters glass inside Bell Centre penalty box (VIDEO)

Here's something that doesn't happen every day — or ever for that matter. Fans have seen the glass in a hockey rink break behind the nets or due to a huge hit, but how many times have they seen the glass break inside the penalty box?

Well it  happened in Bell Centre Saturday night. With Philadelphia breaking into the Montreal zone, Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges forced a turnover and looked the send the puck down the ice. However, just as he shot the puck down, Scott Hartnell was being released from the Flyers' penalty box. The door opened and —in a case of perfect timing — the puck must have flew in and hit the glass just right, because it shattered into little pieces.

The whistle blew halting play, giving the TV cameras time to survey the damage but that was it  — and the game went on with little delay.

Lucky for Hartnell and fans near the box,nobody was hurt.

It's just one of the most bizarre occurrences you'll ever see in a hockey game.

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