Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peyton Manning fooled Cowboys defense AND Broncos offense on rushing touchdown (GIF)

While everyone on the Dallas Cowboys defense piled on Knowshon Moreno on this second quarter play, Peyton Manning faked out everyone by moseying in for his first rushing touchdown in five years. And even his own Broncos teammates didn't know Manning had planned to scamper left for the score.

After the game, the Denver Broncos tweeted that Manning didn't even tell his own team that he was going to take it in himself on this third-and-goal jaunt so his offense would sell the running back up-the-middle play better.

Manning already had three TD passes in the first half and — after his unmolested run faked out everyone from the cameraman to his own team — the Broncos quarterback even did a little fist pump as he crossed the goal line.


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