Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chris Canty to Justin Tuck: Punch opponents not teammates

Justin Tuck recently vowed that he would punch any teammate who turns on Tom Coughlin or causes any locker-room trouble because of the Giants’ 0-4 start. But former Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty thinks Tuck should worry about punching somebody else, first.

"Justin needs to worry about punching opposing offenses in the mouth," Canty, the new Ravens defensive tackle, said on NFL Network on Wednesday night. 'The way you show that you have your coach’s back is by going out there on that football field and performing."

"I’m sure Tuck is defending his coach. Tom Coughlin is an excellent coach, he’s a great man, so obviously as a player, you want to have his back. But you’ve got to show that on the field. That’s got to be taken care of on the field."

Canty also weighed in on Antrel Rolle’s comments that some in the Giants locker room don’t believe the team can rebound from its 0-4 start.

"There are guys in that locker room that probably lack the confidence that they can win football games," Canty said. "But as we know confidence comes from demonstrated performance. They just have to go out there and win a football game to show themselves that they can overcome the adversity in that game and be successful as a team."

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